Montgomery Fire/Rescue

Montgomery Fire/Rescue, covering 162 square miles in Montgomery County (Alabama) including the areas of Arlington, Arrowhead, Bell Road, Boylston, Brentwood, Capitol Heights, Centennial Hill, Cloverdale, Cottage Hill, Deer Creek Pond, Edgemont Heights, Forest Park, Garden District, Green Acres, Hillwood, Huntingdon College, Idlewild, Lagoon Park, Maxwell Air Force Base, Oakwood, Old Coverdale, Pecan Grove Park, Ray Thorington, Washington Park, West End, Western Hills, Westview Gardens, Winwood, Woodley Park, Young Forte Village & Young Place.

Montgomery Fire Department was originally formed in 1848 as a volunteer fire company bucket brigade called the Dexter Company One, and later two more were formed called the Alabama Company and the Mechanics Hook & Ladder Company. During the Civil War, much of the City of Montgomery was left unprotected because most of the volunteers had been called into service. By 1865, the Civil War was nearing the end and a Union Cavalry Unit, called Wilson’s Raiders was quickly approaching Montgomery. It was decided that before the City surrendered, 85,000 bales of cotton and 40,000 bushels of corn would be burned to deny this supply to the Union soldiers. The burning cotton bales and bushels of corn were so intense that embers from the fire threatened to burn the city. Ironically an African-American fire fighting company, which later became known as the Grey Eagles, saved the town from the burning cotton and corn.

By 1887, the City of Montgomery had five volunteer companies and the newly formed Lomax Company, and in 1898 the Montgomery Fire Department was formed as a paid fire department. 

*Station 2 – Cottage Hill
*Station 3 – Young Place
Station 4 – West End
*Station 5 – Lagoon Park
*Station 6 – Centennial Hill
*Station 7 – Old Cloverdale
*Station 8 – Boylston
*Station 9 – Green Acres / Woodley Park
*Station 10 – Garden District
*Station 11 – Capitol Heights
*Station 12 – Arlington
*Station 13 – Bell Road
*Station 14 – Windwood
*Station 15 – Arrowhead
*Station 16 – Ray Thorington
*No Station Information at this time
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