Yuma Fire Department

Yuma Fire Department (YFD), covering 57.8 square miles in Yuma County (Arizona) including the areas of Adobe Ridge, Araby, Arcadia Meadows, Arroyo Heights, Barkley Ranch, Baxter, Belleza, Cielo Verde, College Park, Desert Air, Dessert Lakes, Desert Ridge, Donovan Estates, East Mesa, Eden Acres, Fair Acres, Hettema Estates, La Jolla Del Valle, La Mesas, La Mesa Linda, La Mesa Terrance, Las Casitas, Mesa View, Ocotillo, Old 80 Business Park, Palm Desert, Pecon Grove, Rancho Caballo, Rancho Serreno, Sinclair Ranch, Sun Valley Estates, Ruby’s Yumesa, Suncrest, Terraces at the View, The Dunes, Valley View, Yuma Heights & Yuma International Airport.

Yuma Fire Department originally started out as the Southern Pacific Railroad Hose Company # 1 in 1898 and the Yuma Volunteer Fire Department Hook and Ladder and Chemical Company No. 1 in 1900.

Yuma Fire Department is dispatched by City of Yuma Public Safety Communications Center.

Station 1 – Yuma
Station 2 – The Dunes
Station 3 – La Mesa
Station 4 – La Jolla Del Valle
Station 5 – Terraces At The View
Station 6 – Rancho Caballo
**Station 7 – Desert Air
**Station 8 – Old 80 Business Park
**Station 9 – Eden Acres
**Station 10 – Belleza
**Future Station
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