Duluth Fire Department

Duluth Fire Department, located in Saint Louis County (Minnesota) including the areas of Amity Park, Brewer Park, Canal Park, Central Hillside, Chester Creek, Chester Park, Denfeld, Duluth Heights, East Hillside, Endion, Enger Park, Fairmount, Fond Du Lac, Forest Hill, Gateway Plaza, Goat Hill, Great Lakes Aquarium, Hartley Nature Center, Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, Hilltop Park, Hunters Park, Irving, Keene Creek Park, Lakeside, Leif Erikson Park, Lester Park, Lincoln Park, Magney-Snively Natural Area, Maple Grove, Miller Hill, Morgan Park, Mud Lake, New Duluth, Norton Park, Observation Hill, Piedmont Heights, Ridgeview, Smithville, Spirit Lake, Spirit Mountain, Spirit Valley, St. Louis River, Stone Ridge, West Duluth, Woodland.

Station 1 – Downtown
Station 2 – Lincoln Park
Station 4 – Chester Park
Station 6 – Lakeside / Lester Park
Station 7 – Duluth Heights
Station 8 – West Duluth
Station 10 – New Duluth
Station 11 – Woodland
Command / Support
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