Orcas Island Fire & Rescue

Orcas Island Fire & Rescue (San Juan County Fire District #2), founded in 1948 covering 55 square miles in San Juan County (Washington State) including the areas of Crow Valley, Deer Harbor, Doe Bay, Dolphin Bay, Eagle Lake, Eastsound, Guthrie Cove, Massacre Bay, Moran State Park, Mt. Wollard, Obstruction Pass, Olga, Orcas, Orcas Island, Orcas Landing, Palisades, Pioneer Hill, Pole Pass, Rosario, Spring Point, Turtleback, Victorian Valley & Westsound.

Station 21 – Eastsound
Station 22 – Westsound
Station 23 – Rosario
Station 24 – Deer Harbor
Station 25 – Olga
Station 26 – Orcas
Station 27 – Doe Bay
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