Denver Blake Street Commercial Fire

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 Denver Commercial Fire

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On June 28th, 2015 at approximately 21:30 Denver Fire Department was dispatched a commercial structure fire at 3860 Blake St. in the River North Art District (RiNo). Tower 9 arrived to flames showing from above the dumpster outside of a warehouse next to the building, and Engine 9 laid in from 39th St. & Blake St. and pulled a hand line in for fire attack. Tower 9 pulled the dumpster from the building and checked for extension, and Engine 9 got the main body of fire out and started checking for hot spots inside the dumpster. Engine 3 arrived and went to work on Engine 9’s plug, and Chief 2 arrived and assumed command. Truck 4 arrived and assigned to do a 360 on the building with Hamer 1, and then Truck 4 assisted Tower 9 with force entry to check for any fire conditions inside. Ambulance 55 arrived and staged for medical. Truck 8 arrived and assigned to ladder the roof, and crews found no hot spots on the roof area. As the Truck 8 crew was on the roof, Truck 8 Alpha reported “we have a firefighter down, Chief, firefighter went through the roof. Truck 8 members went to the hole on the roof and tried to see if they could assist their engineer. They found that Truck 8 Bravo had fallen to the concrete floor below, and they then immediately proceeded to exit the roof. Command requested Ambulance 55 to the front of the building. Truck 4’s crew immediately began medical inside on the downed firefighter with Tower 9, and Engine 10 grabbed the medical bags and the backboard from their engine. An additional ambulance was requested to the scene from Ambulance 55, and EMS 32 Command also responded Code 10. Ambulance 55 transported the injured firefighter to Denver Health Medical Center emergent. Command reported that the firefighter fell about 25 feet onto the floor from a skylight. Crews completed the primary searches which were negative, and crews started to go back in service. The firefighter that fell through the roof was Firefighter/Engineer John Whelan. On the evening of July 15th, 2015, Whelan experienced complications from his injuries which ultimately lead to his death. John Whelan Funeral Service was held on July 21st, 2015.   

Units on Scene: Chief 2, Chief 4, Engine 9, Tower 9, Engine 3, Engine 10, Truck 4, Truck 8 (RIT), Engine 6, Hamer 1 & Rescue 1

Special Call: Arson 4

Denver Health Paramedics: EMS 32, Ambulance 55 & Ambulance 36

5280Fire Photo ©