Platte Valley Ambulance Service

Platte Valley Ambulance Service (PVAS) was formed in 1972 and is located in Weld & Adams Counties (Colorado). PVAS staffs ambulances located across 4 different fire departments: Brighton Fire Rescue, Hudson Fire Protection District, South Adams County Fire Department, and Southeast Weld Fire Rescue.

Platte Valley Paramedics providing EMS service to the South Adams County Fire Department that started on June 1st, 2022.

South Adams Station 22 – Commerce City
South Adams Station 23 – Commerce City
South Adams Station 24 – Irondale
South Adams Station 27 – Henderson
South Adams Station 28 – Reunion
Brighton Station 51 – Brighton
Brighton Station 55 – Todd Creek
Brighton Station 57 – Platte Valley Medical Center
Hudson Station 1 – Hudson
Southeast Weld Station 1 – Keensburg
Southeast Weld Station 2 – Prospect Valley
EMS Headquarters – Brighton
Reserve Fleet
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