Ute Pass Regional Paramedic Services

Ute Pass Regional Paramedic Services (UPRAD), provides Emergency Medical Services to over 539 square miles in Teller, Park, Douglas, and El Paso Counties. 

Ute Pass Regional Paramedic Services cooperates with 5 fire protection districts in providing prehospital care, that includes the Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District, Divide Fire Protection District, Mountain Communities Fire Protection District, Florissant Fire Protection DistrictLake George Fire Protection District, and has automatic mutual-aid agreements with Green Mountain Falls – Chipita Park Fire District and Southern Park County Fire Protection District.

Ute Pass Regional Paramedic Services started out as the Ute Pass Ambulance Service, which was established by a local druggist.  The Service, along with a group of dedicated volunteers, served an area from Cascade to the summit of Wilkerson Pass and as far north as Deckers and beyond. In 1982, the City of Woodland Park took over this function and established the Woodland Park Ambulance Service (WPAS). In 2004, WPAS became Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District (UPRAD).

EMS Station 1 – Woodland Park
EMS Station 2 – Florissant
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