Cornelius Fire Department

Cornelius Fire Department (CFD), established in 1912 and located in Washington County (Oregon) including the areas of Cornelius, Council Creek, Fern Hill, Forest Grove, Harleman Park, Hembre City Park, Satus City Park, Steamboat City Park & Water Park.

Cornelius Fire Department protects the City of Cornelius and the surrounding Cornelius Rural Fire District. The City has a population of 13,000 and encompasses two square miles. The Fire District has a population of 2,735 and encompasses 24 square miles.

In 2010 Cornelius Fire Department entered into a partnership with the Forest Grove Fire & Rescue to provide administrative services, standardizing equipment, protocols, training, and standards between the two closely neighboring fire departments.

Cornelius Fire Department is also known as the Cornelius Fire & Rescue.

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