Woodlands Fire Department

The Woodlands Fire Department (WFD), covering  square miles in Montgomery County (Texas) including the areas of Alden Bridge, Bear Branch, College Park, Cranebrook, Creekside Forest, Creekside Park, Gleneagles, Grogan’s Mill, Lake Voyager Pond, Lake Woodlands, Montgomery Creek Ranch, Oak Ridge North, Panther Creek, Sawmill Park, Shenandoah, Sterling Ridge, Tallowberry, Village of Creekside Park Village of Grogan’s Mill, Windsor Lakes, Woodloch,  & Woodmill Creek.

The Woodlands Fire Department was founded as the Woodlands by Mitchell Energy in the early 1970’s, and in 1973 as the Woodland Volunteer Fire Department. In 1975 the department hired the first paid fire chief.

The Woodlands Fire Department is dispatched by Montgomery County Fire Dispatch (FireCom) Communications Division.

Station 1 – Central
*Station 2 – Bear Branch
*Station 3 – Woodmill Creek
*Station 4 – Alden Bridge
*Station 5 – Cranebrook
*Station 6 – Windsor Lake
*Station 7 – Creekside Park
*Station 8 – Tallowberry
*No Station Information at this time
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