Salt Lake City Fire Department

Salt Lake City Fire Department (SLCFD), established in 1883 and covering 110 square miles in Salt Lake County (Utah) including the areas of Albert Place, Arcadia HeightsAvondale, Baileys Lake, Bonneville, Central City, City Creek Canyon, Ensign Peak Nature Park, Fairpark, Foothill Village, Forest Dale, Franklin, Glendale, Klenkes, Liberty Wells, Liberty Park, Matheson Park, Nibley Park, Perrys Hollow Natural Area, Poplar Grove, Rose Park, Rosewood Park, Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake Valley, Sunnyside East, Temple View, Terrance Hills, Wenco Acres, Western, West Grand View, Westpointe, Whalons, Wilkes, Wilkinsons, Wingpoint, Woodbury, Wood Hollow, Yalecrest, Yalecroft & Yale Heights.

*Station 1 – Central City
Station 2 – Capitol Hill
Station 3 – Wood Hollow
*Station 4 – Terrace Hills
*Station 5 – Woodbury
*Station 6 – Whalons
*Station 7 – Fairpark
*Station 8 – Temple View
*Station 9 – Airport
*Station 10 – Matheson Park
*Station 11 – Airport
*Station 12 – Airport
*Station 13 – Arcadia Heights
*Station 14 – Glendale
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