Aurora 3rd Alarm Gas Explosion

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Heather Gardens Gas-Fed Fire

Photo courtesy Aurora Police Department

At 17:23 on November 16th, 2018 Aurora 911 Emergency Communications dispatched Aurora Fire Rescue to a reported gas leak in the 13900 block of E. Linvale Pl. at the Heather Gardens. Engine 11 arrived on scene and shorty after reported an explosion, and the call was upgraded to a structure fire on TAC 5. Engine 11 established their own water supply, and reported that an explosion at the gas line with several units involved and parties trapped, Engine 11 started water on the fire. Engine 7 arrived and established a water supply, pulled a 2 1/2 line in on the Charlie side for exposure protection with a 2nd alarm. Battalion 3 arrived and assumed command and requested a 3rd alarm, and the command post located on E. Yale Ave. with unified command with Aurora Police Department. Battalion 1 arrived and assigned as Safety, and reported emergency traffic with multiple gas leaks, and Command requested an alert tone to evacuate from the structure. Crews extricated multiple victims from the structure, Truck 14 arrived and assigned as RIT. Falck Rocky Mountain Medic 108 set-up medical group supervisor and all medical ops on TAC 6. Safety reporting that a firefighter was injured from Engine 11 and needing medical, and Engine 2 assigned to assist Engine 11 with man power. Engine 4 pulled a 2 1/2 on the main building on fire, and Engine 9 on the blitzfire. Truck 8 assigned search group, and started searching the units. Crews worked active fire until 21:30 when the fire was put under control, and started a major overhaul and search of all the units. American Red Cross was called to the scene for assistance, and evacuees were taken to the the Community Clubhouse. One patient was transported with unknown injuries to a local hospital, and the injured firefighter was also transported. The Colorado Task Force 1 (CO-TF1) Urban Search & Rescue was called to the scene for canine search support, and in the early morning hours of November 17th, a deceased victim was discovered in one of the units.

Initial Response: Engine 11

1st Alarm Working Structure Fire: Battalion 1, Battalion 3, Engine 7, Engine 4, Truck 8 & Truck 2

2nd Alarm: Battalion 2, Engine 8, Truck 14, Engine 6 & Tower 6

3rd Alarm: Engine 9, Engine 10, Engine 1 & Engine 2

Special Call: Chief 1, Chief 2, Chief 3, Chief 4, Chief 6, Arson 1 & Arson 3

Falck: Medic 103, Medic 104, Medic 107, Medic 108, Medic 110 & Medic 111

Aurora Police DepartmentAmerican Red Cross, Colorado Task Force 1 & Xcel Energy.

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