Adams County 2nd Alarm School Fire

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Adams County School Fire

Photo courtesy of Adams County Fire Rescue

On May 27th, 2020 at 07:46 Adams County Fire Rescue & North Metro Fire Rescue District responded to a possible commercial building fire at at 660 W. 70th Ave. at the Valley View K-8 school. Several 911 callers reporting smoke coming from the building. Battalion Chief 11 arrived on scene to a large school building with visible smoke showing with a working fire from the Alpha-Bravo side. Engine 11 established a horizontal standpipe into the Bravo side for primary search and fire control, and Medic 11 pulled a 2nd line in on the Alpha-Bravo side. Truck 11 arrived and established their own water supply and started defensive ops with the master stream. Truck 14 arrived and secured a water supply and started primary search on the Alpha side, and Engine 13 assigned utilities and pulled a 2nd line off Truck 14 to assist with primary search. Medic 14 arrived and assigned as rehab, and Bureau 11 advised that flames were showing from the roof vents on the Charlie side. Bureau 12 reported a water main break at W. 70th Ave. & Huron St. and requested the water department to the scene, and crews worked the fire with low water pressure from the break. Battalion 11 requested a 2nd alarm at 08:08. Engine 1 arrived and assisted crews on the Alpha side with fire control. All searches revealed no one was inside the building. Crews got the fire under control at 8:30 and started an extended overhaul. No injuries were reported, and the fire is under investigation. The building was scheduled to be demolished next month, and was closed before the COVID-19. Additional information provided by Adams County Fire Rescue

Units on Scene:

1st Alarm:

Adams County: Battalion 11, SAM 11, Engine 11, Truck 11, Medic 11, Truck 14, Engine 13, Medic 14 & Engine 12

Special Call: Bureau 11 & Bureau 12

North Metro: Battalion 61

2nd Alarm:

Adams County: Chief 15 & Medic 13

Special Call: Arson 11

North Metro: Truck 62

Westminster Fire Department: Battalion 1, Engine 1, Engine 2 & Truck 2

Federal Heights Fire Department: Truck 41

Adams County Sheriff & Crestview Water & Sanitation District

Photo courtesy of Adams County Fire Rescue

Photo courtesy of Adams County Fire Rescue

Photo courtesy of Adams County Fire Rescue

Photo courtesy of Adams County Fire Rescue

Photo courtesy of Adams County Fire Rescue

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