Federal Heights Fire Department

Federal Heights Fire Department (FHFD), covering 1.8 square miles in Adams County (Colorado) including the aears of Bell Roth, Camenish Park, Carstens Park, Highland Hills Sports Complex, Holiday Hills Village, Hunters Gove, Kimberly Hills, Monticello, Pine Garden, Ruston, Shaw Heights, Tuscan Heights, Water World & Westminster. (FDID #00135)

Federal Heights Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1942 with Chief Robert Foster as the Fire Chief. He purchased a Dodge Truck from the US  Government and constructed the first fire truck for the City, the department did not have an official fire station until 1945. In 1995, the district started the Ambulance division providing emergency medical services (EMS) and patient transports. In 2017, Federal Heights Fire Department was the first department in Colorado to receive an ISO Class 1 rating.

Federal Heights Fire Department is dispatched by the Federal Heights Communications Center (City of Federal Heights 911 Dispatch Center)

Federal Heights Fire Department Auto-Aid (Automatic-Aid) agreement with: Adams County Fire Rescue (1991), Westminster Fire Department, Thornton Fire Department, and the North Area Automatic Aid Agreement in 2019. 

Federal Heights Fire Department is part of the North Area Technical Rescue Team.

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