Superior Station 1

Station 1

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Fire Station was located at 206 W Coal Creek Dr. Became Cherryvale Fire Protection District Station 2 , and later Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Station 3. This station is now closed, and used for the Town of Superior.


Photo courtesy of Gladys Forshee

1942 Chevy. The engine was purchased from the Lafayette Volunteer Fire Department (Colorado). The engine was manufactured during World War II and served as a military fire truck during the war before it was purchased by the Lafayette in 1945. The department was created from original town resident Gladys Forshee in 1972, staffing for the department was a challenge, and Gladys with the help of other woman volunteers fought fires during the daytime hours while the men volunteered nights and weekends. At that time they were one of the few departments with woman volunteer firefighters in Colorado, and they called themselves the “Flamettes”.