Platte River Fire Rescue

Platte River Fire Rescue (PRFR), located in Larimer County (Colorado). (FDID #06985)

Platte River Fire Rescue was formed in 1984 as the Rawhide Fire Department to protect the newly completed Rawhide Energy Station.

Platte River Power Authority is a not-for-profit wholesale electricity generation and transmission provider that delivers safe, reliable, environmentally responsible and competitively priced energy and services to its owner communities for delivery to their utility customers. The Rawhide Energy Station, located about 26 miles north of Fort Collins, houses four 65 megawatt natural gas fired generators, one 128 megawatt natural gas fired generator and one 280 megawatt coal fueled generator.

Platte River Fire Rescue responds to all fire, medical and other emergencies at the Rawhide Energy Station in northern Larimer County. The department has a full time chief and nineteen other staff members who respond to emergencies from their normal duty stations when needed. The department has two stations and a training tower on the 4500 acre complex at 2700 E. County Rd. 82. 

The department has an automatic-aid agreement with the Wellington Fire Protection District and mutual-aid agreements with Nunn Fire Protection District, Poudre Fire Authority, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, Longmont Fire Department and Estes Valley Fire Protection District.

Platte River Power Fire Authority is dispatched by Fort Collins 911 (FC911).

Station 1
Station 2