Estes Valley Fire Protection District

Estes Valley Fire Protection District (EVFPD), covering 66.3 square miles in Larimer County (Colorado) including the areas of Aspen Brook, Aspen Knoll, Beaver Brook, Beaver Meadows, Bella Vista, Bighorn Creek, Big Thompson River, Big Thompson Canyon-West, Black Canyon, Bobcat Gulch, Broadview, Buck Creek, Canyon Cove, Canyon River, Castle Mountain, Cherokee Meadows, Devils Gulch, Dripping Springs, Dry Gulch, Eagle Cliff Mountain, Elkhorn, Enos Mill Cabin, Estes Park, Estes Valley, Fall River, Fish Creek, Gianttrack Mountain, Glacier Creek, Jacob Spring, Kiowa Ridge, Lake Estes, Lily Lake, Lilly Mountain, Livingston Lake, Loveland Heights, Lumpy Ridge, MacGregor Ranch, Mary’s Lake, Moon Ridge, Mountainside, Old Fall River, Park River, Pawnee Meadows, Peak View, Pine River, Placid Lake, Prospect Mountain, Prospect Park, Rabbit Gulch, Range View, Rams Horn Mountain, Riverside, Rock Ridge, Rocky Mountain National Park-East, Sleepy Hollow, Spruce Lake, Stanley Hotel, Stone Cliffe, Thunder Mountain, Trail Ridge Road-East, Willow Ridge, Windcliff, Wind River & Wonderview. (FDID #06925)

Estes Valley Fire Protection District established in 2010, and originally founded in 1907 as the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department.

Estes Valley Fire Protection District has auto-aid / and or mutual-aid agreements with Allenspark Fire Protection District, Big Elk Meadows Fire Protection District, Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentLoveland Fire Rescue AuthorityLyons Fire Protection District & Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District.

Estes Valley Fire Protection District (70) is dispatched by EPECC.

Station 71 – Estes Park
Station 72 – Rocky Mountain National Park
Training Center
Command / Support
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