Dallas Fire & EMS Department

Dallas Fire & EMS Department, established in 1878 and located in Polk County (Oregon).

The District serves a contract with Southwestern Polk Rural Fire Protection District, and also services throughout the southwest rural district. Dallas Fire District covers approximately 239 square miles including 4.8 square miles in the City of Dallas, 123 square miles in Southwestern Polk Rural Fire Protection District and an additional 111.2 square miles of ambulance service area. 

Southwestern Polk Rural Fire Protection District (SWP) is an Oregon special district first established in 1947 and receiving fire services since it’s creation, and SWP has a separate agreement with the City of Falls City. This contract provides that district will provide Falls City Fire Department (FCFD) with apparatus and equipment to be used both in Falls City and in the district. FCFD is to provide personnel to staff and operate this apparatus. SWP pays Falls City an annual amount to support FCFD operations in exchange for response service into the district.

Dallas Fire & EMS Department is dispatched by Willamette Valley Communications Center.

Station 110 – Dallas
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