North Fork Volunteer Fire Department

North Fork Fire Protection District, all-volunteer department covering 250 square miles in Jefferson, Douglas & Park Counties (Colorado) including the areas of Baldy Peak, Buffalo Creek, Cheeseman Reservoir, Cliffdale, Colorado Trail, Crassons, Crystal Lake, Dear Creek, Deckers, Lost Valley Ranch, Nighthawk, Oxyoke, Pine Bluff, Pike National Forest, Pine Grove, Pine, Pine Station, Pine Valley Ranch, Rainbow Falls-North, Redskin Mountain, Scraggy View, Skull Rock, South Fork, Stoney Pass & Trumbull, Wellington Lake, Wildcat Creek, Wigwam Creek.

North Fork Volunteer Fire Department originally organized in 1977 as a non-profit corporation, and fire protection district in 1991. The district took over fire service from the Trumbull Volunteer Fire Department.

North Fork Fire Rescue has an auto-aid agreement with Elk Creek Fire Protection DistrictEvergreen Fire Protection District, Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District & Platte Canyon Fire Protection District.

North Fork Fire Protection District is dispatched by Jeffcom 911.

Station 1 – Buffalo Creek
Station 2 – Pine Grove
Station 3 – Trumbull
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