Platte Canyon Fire Protection District

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District, founded in 1947 covering 271 square miles in Park & Jefferson Counties including the towns and areas of Bailey, Bailey Silverheels Health Center, Bellford Mountain Heights, Crow Hill, Glenisle, Grant, Harris Park, Highland Park, Kenosha Pass, Parkview, Roberts Tunnel, Santa Maria, Shawnee, Singleton, Surles Meadow, Webster Pass & Will-O-Wisp.

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District was formed as a volunteer organization in 1947, in 1980, it was established as a District and in 2006 became a combination department.

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District has an auto-aid agreement with Elk Creek Fire Protection DistrictEvergreen Fire Protection District, Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District & North Fork Fire Protection District.

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District is dispatched by Park County Communications Center.

Station 1 – Bailey
Station 2 – Crow Hill
Station 3 – Grant
Station 4 – Harris Park
Command / Support
Wildland Fire Module
Training Center
Official Site


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