Golden Fire Department

Golden Fire Department (GFD), established by 1879 and covering 10.9 square miles in Jefferson County (Colorado) including the areas of Apex Park, Beverly Heights Park, Castle Rock Mountain, Canyon Point, Clear Creek Canyon, Clear Creek White Water Park, Cody Trail, Colorado School of Mines, Cressman Park, Eagle Ridge, Estates Park, Fossil Trace, Golden Gate Canyon-East, Golden Heights, Golden Heights, Golden Ridge, Heritage Dels, Heritage Square, Jefferson County Government Center & Jail Complex, Kinney Runn, Lakota Hills, Lariat Loop. Lena Gulch, Lions Park, Lookout Mountain, Mesa Meadows, Mt. Zion, New Loveland Mine Park, North Table Mesa Meadows, South Table Mountain & Ulysses Park. (FDID #05942)

The Boston Company established Golden City in 1859 at the mouth of Clear Creek Canyon with no formal fire, but citizens had a few volunteer bucket brigades, until 1871 when interested citizens formed Golden Hook and Ladder Company, the fire company had no equipment.

In 1873 the membership split. Those who left the Golden Hook and Ladder Company formed a rival group: the Rescue Hook and Ladder Company.  By October 1873 the Rescue Hook and Ladder Company purchased a used hook and ladder truck for $150 out of their own pockets. In answer to this challenge, the Golden Hook and Ladder changed its name to the Excelsior Fire Company, and the group continued its search for a hand fire engine, hose, and hose carriage.

By 1874, the Excelsior Fire Company purchased a used engine known as the “Fire King” from the City of Omaha, Nebraska. Despite the initial rivalry, Golden’s two fire companies both responded to fire in the city at this time. Because of their different equipment and focuses, the companies complemented each other in their firefighting activities much as engine companies and truck companies do on present day departments.

By 1877, the two fire companies reorganized.  The Excelsior Fire Company became the Excelsior Hose Company. The Rescue Hook and Ladder Company became Everett Hook and Ladder Company. Another group, the Loveland Hose Company, organized in 1879. “This hose company was an independent organization, but it was stated that, ‘at the same time, it would actively cooperate with the other companies at all fires.’ At the end of 1879, all three companies joined together to establish what we now know as the Golden Fire Department. Additional info provided by Golden Fire Department.

Golden Fire Department also served and protected the Coors Brewery Plant from 1992 to 2010, and before the contract in the 1990’s, the Coors Fire Brigade served the brewery.

Golden Fire Department has auto-aid agreement / or mutual-aid with Black Hawk Fire Department, Fairmount Fire Protection District, Foothills Fire Protection DistrictGenesee Fire Protection District, Golden Gate Fire Protection District, Highland Rescue TeamPleasant View Fire Department & West Metro Fire Rescue.

Stadium Medical is the EMS contract provider for the district.

The city is divided into two response districts: District 1 – North District (Station 21) covers the north area and District 2 – South District (Station 22, Station 23 & Station 24) covers the south area of the city.

Golden Fire Department is part of the Cooperative Services Study that was completed at the end of 2021 to study the merging with Fairmount Fire Protection District & Pleasant View Fire Department. The study was favorable to merge all three organizations together, although Golden Fire Department will take a pause to further consider the study. Pleasant View and Fairmount will continue to evaluate the merits of the study throughout 2022 with a possible consolidation in 2023.

Golden Fire Department (20) is dispatched by Jeffcom 911 and is part of the Central Fire Dispatch (CNF) including: Golden Gate Fire Protection District, Pleasant View Fire Department & Fairmount Fire Protection District.

Station 21 – Downtown
Station 22 – Ulysses Park
Station 23 – Golden Heights
Station 24 – Heritage
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